Your music. Anytime. All the time.

Introducing the new Myspace music player.
The largest selection of music on the web at your control.

Persistent Music Player

Open it

See your music. Click here to open the player.

Large Persistent Music Player

Close it

When you need it out of your way, click here.

Always in control

Control the entire player without the mouse. Hold Shift to activate.

Click to learn more.

Shuffle music

It's like Eddie Murphy. It makes you want to party all the time.

Keep it safe

Add your queue to a playlist. Or add individual songs to a playlist by clicking the + button.

Seek it out

Just because it's built with HTML5 doesn't mean you can't seek. Grab it. Drag it. Then drop it. Like it's hot.

Queue it up

Add songs from anywhere on the site by clicking a play button. Play a song next, or add it to the end of the queue. Whatever you do, we'll make sure you know where it goes.

Search it

Search for your favorite music right from the Music Player.

Pop it

See your music. Pick a new song, save your queue, turn on shuffle mode, jump to your favorite part. It's all there. Built with HTML5. Powered by CSS and jQuery.

Close it

We don't know why you'd ever close it. With such a large music library at your fingertips, we'd have to ask: Do you hate music?

Choose it

With the largest, most wide-encompassing music library on the web, music is only a few clicks away. Search for your favorite artists and music. Feel free to jam away. All day.

Control it

Your music — In control. Hold Shift, and the Music Player is at your every beck and call. Next song, previous song, pause, play, volume control, enlarge it or shrink it.

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Control it

Everything at the tips of your fingers. We wouldn't have it any other way. Just hold Shift.

The Enabler

Go ahead, hold down the Shift key to see the shortcuts. Or, just click.

Toggle Mute

Volume Down

Volume Up

Save your queue to a playlist

Toggle Mute

Previous song

Play / Pause

Next song

Jump 10 songs back

Toggle between expanded and mini mode

Jump 10 songs forward

Volume Up

Volume Down

Shrink Player

Previous song

Next song