Facebook Link Un-Appifyer - Chrome Extension

I created a Chrome extension to bypass the silly Social Reader app requests while you browse Facebook. Since you're using Chrome, you can install it. Unfortunately, you can't use it because you're using another browser. Wait, what does it do again?

Install Facebook Unappifyer

Get Google Chrome


Download the source code. This link is here to ensure that you can see what I'm doing and make sure I'm not snooping around or throwing your privacy to the wind, just like all those stupid social readers do.


Here's a video demonstration on how it works. And another video showing the update to fix SocialCam links and in-dialog links!

Feedback and Issues

If you're having trouble with it hit me up with the link that's not working and I'll see what I can do:
chris [at] pocketlim [dot] com


No extension or other browsers - How to get around Social Reader apps

For other browsers (and also if you don't want to use the extension), there's a really easy way to get around these Social Reader apps without needing to show everybody what you've read or seen. Click on a link to open the accept app permissions dialog, but BEFORE accepting it, change the dropdown to "Only Me" on the bottom left hand side where it says "Who can see posts this app makes for you on your timeline".

Now you won't spam people, and you can link to the content directly, bypassing their stupid social readers.

Facebook Link Un-Appifyer

I hate when you click a link in Facebook and it tries to make you add some stupid app or upgrade you to Timeline prematurely. So, I created this little tool to un-appify a link from Facebook. Just copy a link from Facebook that is doing this, and click the button below or press Enter. You can Unappify the below example as a test.

Update! Now there's a Chrome extension to do this automatically.



Basically, you see something like this, and you're like, "Cool! My friend thinks this is neat, I want to see it too."

When University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey posed for a picture with President Barack Obama, she had no idea the hilarious image would go viral. While traveling through Colorado on Tuesday, Obama stopped in at a local pub known as the Sink. In the photograph, Obama is grinning with his arm around Starkey while the [...]
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Then you click on it, and you see some bullshit like this:

So, I created this little tool to un-appify a link from Facebook. Copy a link from Facebook that's doing this and paste it into the input field above, or test it by unappifying the above example.